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Telephone: 01377 256489
Mobile: 07825 232116



Monocouche Rendering

Monocouche render is one of the more modern approaches for rendering as it can be applied in one single coat to 7 Newton Concrete Blocks, usually found on new builds, or with a Base Coat and Top Coat with Reinforced Mesh to existing masonry. This provides a weather resistant façade to the elevations of a building constructed of masonry. The product is available in a range of colours which can be discussed upon consultation and colour charts supplied to help ensure you make an informed decision. It is low maintenance as does not require annual painting of a decorative top coat like more traditional renders.

Application – the products only require the adding of clean water, these materials are principally designed to be applied by state of the art rendering machinery. Render pumps maximise efficiency in the distribution of the mortar and speed of application, they can however be applied by hand.

Monocouche render is a cost-effective option, due to the minimal time it takes to complete and the lack of maintenance involved.

  • No need to paint
  • Low maintenance
  • Completely weather-proof
  • Simple application
  • Flexibility
  • Insulation
  • Multi-purpose
  • May add value to your property
  • Cost-effective